Fate-Related Expressions Explained

In case you are interested, I'm not religious. But unlike religious people who feel strongly that you should conform to their beliefs (in order to be saved, to qualify as a good person, etc.), if you're religious, that's fine with me.

Actually, the only religion I fear is Math. And the the Chaos Theory people who believe they can predict Random Occurances. I believe there is truly no plan in the universe. Otherwise, how could we hope to change things?

Typcial sayings attributed to "the Force, spiritualism, mystic magical properties of the earth, God, etc."

Good luck = random occurance which favors you
Bad Luck = random occurance which doesn't favor you
Fate = is an expression of our admittance that we don't know everything and certainly can't control it.
It was meant to be = You can't comfort yourself in any other way in regards to something bad or disappointing which has happened to you.

I'm just publishing this because, in my (delusional?) vanity, I thought it was clever.

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